API Studded Blocks


Double studded Block Jordan have the capability, capacity and experience in the manufacture of API 6A Studded blocks and connectors in accordance with API 6A standards. Our machining capacity allows the machining of multiple blocks concurrently to reduce cycle times and delivery times to clients. We machine from free issue material or full supply Studded Tees, Studded crosses, Studded elbows and angled connectors to high levels of quality and precision tolerances.

Ring Groove Overlay/Inlay

Double studded block

1″ 13/16 studded block

Our in-house inlay/overlay weld cladding and pressure testing allows us to minimize the need for sub-contract services and provides increased control of the manufacturing processes from raw material to end product. We  maintain the need for strategically located local sub-contract service providers for Non-Destructive Examination, Dye Pen, MPI and X-ray to assure clients NDE requirements for product Specification level (PSL ) testing has been performed by independent experienced and accredited companies. API manifold Blocks

High strength Material

Working closely with industry leading raw material suppliers Jordan provide precision machined Oil & Gas equipment for high Pressure high temperature use in optimised Forged AISI Grade 4130 material. Optimised material meets and/or exceeds the recommended mechanical properties of  API 6A PSL 3. Our material suppliers ensure we have the very best of Impact Toughness with fine grain structure ensuring the highest results of percentage shear.

Product Quality & Assurance

Studded Elbow 6500 Psi

All Jordan products and high pressure equipment are provided where required with relevant Manufacturing data record books including dimensional verification reports, NDE reports, weld procedures, hydro-static test charts with 3.1 or 3.2 material certificates when required and the option of Unique Serial Number identification offering an enhanced level of traceability for our clients.