API Flanges

Jordan manufacture a comprehensive range of high pressure flanges and connectors to API 6A/ANSI specifications in various materials including:- AISI 4130, AISI 410 & AISI 420, Duplex, Super Duplex, F6NM, Stainless Steels, LF-2, F-22 and F-52 amongst others.

BX flange ring grooves

API Flanges pre-weld clad overlay

We are able to manufacture in rapid lead times from our forged  raw stock material:- weld-neck flanges, Blind flanges, swivel, double studded adaptor flanges, slip-on and instrumentation flanges up to 1 mtr in diameter and in standard pressure ratings from 2000 Psi through 15000 psi to 20000 Psi. (download API flange dimensions pdf)

Our Advantage

Jordan machining capabilities and capacities, in-house weld clad inlay and clad overlay facility offers our clients rapid delivery of high quality flange connectors from materials which meet/or exceed industry requirements for mechanical properties and suitable for both standard and sour gas service for use on refineries, Oil and gas drilling/production platforms/drill ships, Fracking, power generation and many other industry types.



Corrosion Resistance Ring Grooves

Weld Clad OverlayJordan provide in-house ring groove overlay in Inconel 625, 316 Stainless steel or client specific Corrosion resistant alloys. CRA inlay and overlay machines within Jordan Techweld are fully CNC automated for rapid lay-down of weld cladding in a clean and contained environment to ensure we achieve the highest of Quality weld penetration and bonding to the parent metal. Our Weld procedures and qualifications are endorsed by industry recognised independent 3rd party companies and comply with the requirements of the American Petroleum Institutes API 6A (20th edition)



Product Quality & Assurance

All Jordan PEL products and high pressure equipment are provided where required with relevant Manufacturing data record books including dimensional verification reports, NDE reports, weld procedures, hydro-static test charts with 3.1 or 3.2 material certificates when required and the option of Unique Serial Number identification offering an enhanced the level of traceability for our clients.

7 1/16 Weld neck neck flange