Jordan Techweld offshore pull in head

Jordan Techweld Offshore pull in heads

Jordan Techweld were recently praised for the successful completion of safety critical offshore load lifting/pulling equipment. From the North East of England’s workshops our highly experienced welders and welding engineers performed perfection.

Jordan Techweld Managing Director Geoff Harmer past on this praise to all involved in the project and commented,
“The feedback we receive and welcome from our customers is testament to our commitment to quality, delivery and cost. and shows existing and potential new clients the level of customer satisfaction we strive to deliver. I am particularly grateful to our work force who consistently deliver on our promises”

Load pull heads

Client feedback

Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how pleased we were with the successful completion and delivery of our pull in heads for the Subsea 7 Aasta Hansteen order. The order was delivered to us on time and within budget under challenging requirements, which included customer specific qualifications, and a short lead time.

In particular, the quality and integrity of the welding was excellent and here’s the proof. As you know we make heavy duty lifting and mooring equipment for offshore oil and gas applications, part of a lifting appliances certification process involves us proof load testing the appliance. For the Subsea 7 welded pull in heads we applied a direct load of 508 metric tonnes and held this load for 5 minutes
The load was applied directly across the JTW welded sections, which of course held all the loads. Subsequent examination and re-inspection showed no degradation of any of the welds and all the welds passed the NDT afterwards.

I thought I’d let you know as it’s quite an achievement to hold this load and certainly validates the excellent workmanship and quality of the welding. I think this type of proof test, the high load applied, and the fact the load was applied to a welded pull in assembly may well be unique in the industry.”

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